in_between : architecture was founded in 2002 in Vienna.
The members are Thomas Dimov, Ildikó Séra and Constanze Weiser.
in_between is currently working in the fields of architecture,
urban planning, photography and exhibition design.

1991 - 01
2000 - 01


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from 2002
Ildikó Séra, Dipl. Ing.

born 14.11. 1972 in Miskolc, Hungary
architectural studies at the Vienna Polytechnic
diploma at the University of Portsmouth, UK
"Zwischenstadt" (the inbetween-city), peripheral urbanisation problems case study on Thurrock (Essex, UK)
"Photo 2000” exhibition of photography, Portsmouth, UK
"Kitsch", exhibition of photography,
Slovenian Cultural Association, Vienna
freelance collaboration in architecture offices in Austria and Germany, architecture competitions
member of the Dutch Chamber of Architects
articles for the art magazine "Balkon" and the architecture magazine "Oktogon", Budapest
member of "IG Architektur", urban planning research group, Vienna

Thomas Dimov, Dipl. Arch. ETH Zürich

born 2. Mai 1966 in Basel, CH
architectural studies at the Zürich Polytechnic (ETH),
"KraftWerkSommer 94 – International Week"
(organisation of an international workshop on urban planning issues)
postgraduate studies at the institute for building ecology SIB, Zürich
curator, director at the architecture institute vorarlberg, Dornbirn, A
participation in "dis-positiv – on the productivity
of art and discourse", Bregenz, A
collaboration in the organisation of the Jewish Filmweek Vienna
freelance collaboration in architecture offices in Vienna
independent architect und curator in Vienna, architecture competitions, book projects and articles in architecture magazines and in newspapers