infinite space

in_between (CH/A/HU), 2003

Material: adhesive foil, white types on anthrazite coloured linoleum
Dimensions: 2/1500 cm (w/l)
"In a Room and a Half" is Brodsky’s last attempt to join his parents. Brodsky’s father was a professional photographer and journalist. Something of the art of photography must have been passed on to his son. This beautiful narrative was as close as Brodsky could come to presenting a family album of photographic "takes" or "frames" which emerge in the poet’s memory from his childhood days. We listen, and, through Brodsky’s genius, enter into these forty-five narrative photographs.

Jacqueline Marcus

A series of those "takes" were assembled to form a curved line running through the two exhibition spaces and embracing all the exhibits. The sentences may be seen as (contradictory) counterparts to the exhibits actually faced. Thus the description of the ten-foot-high, two-story chests containing the subconscient of the brodsky family is confronted to mobile and lightweight trunk-like wardrobe "shell" made of ultra-thin plywood and aluminium or the bed floating on tennis-balls and hold together only by two belts figures as a somehow strange grandchild of the bed in Brodsky’s appartment described as the centre of gravitation of the family life and the witness of their most momentous decisions. The movement through the physical and the immaginative space suggested by the line represents the paths of emigration or the pleasures of intellectual excursions either.

> excerpts of "in a room and a half"
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