Design: Sophie Larger (F), 1998
Producer: ligne roset (F)

Material: Top in green, black, grey, belt in yellow, camel, blue, terrakotta, tire, transparent. Also as a sofa.
Dimensions: seat: 105/38 cm (øh, sofa: 180/105/38 cm (w/d/h)

In 1969, Zanotta brings out the model "Sacco". Three italian designers are at the origin of this original seat, consisting of a bag filled with polystyrene balls. Depending on the weight and the position of the user, the balls disperse inside the cover, which then takes on a multitude of forms.

Nowadays, this product has almost completely disappeared, because of its informal character, that hardly fits to contemporary interiors. But the principle of Sacco remaines up-to-date because it perfectly suits to the morphology of the user. The young designer Sophie Larger developed a seat both conserving the flexibility of the original and improving its stability. ‘Glüp’ is composed of two different covers: the first one (the belt of the seat) is impermeable and conserves always the original form, the second one (the top of the seat) is permeable and can be stretched to adapt perfectly to the user’s body. The polystyrene balls thus are projected only into the elastic part inflating around the body to build a back and a lean. ‘Glüp’ becomes a fauteuil. When the seat is out of use, a simple touch of the upper part with the hands will give back the initial aspect of a circular seat.

The archetypical form of the traditional maroccan seat is set up-to-date by the use of technological textiles. The aspect and the soft touch of the covers contribute to the visual and tactile seduction of the product.

ligne roset
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