Design: Christian Gavoille (F), 2000
Producer: ligne roset (F)

Material: red or grey wool on felt,
“dome” bultex
Dimensions: rug: 190/230 cm (w/l),
dome: ø 94 cm

loan provided by Eva Weissensteiner

The rug for lounging with padded "dome" to support neck and shoulders. Additional "domes" may be added.

The design of ‘kloc’ reminds us of a drawing in Saint Exupery’s "Petit Prince”: a small elephant inside the body of a snake or of the mounds built by the moles or... The design of this carpet is both highly poetic and functional. Just imagine a large hall covered with dozens of ‘klocs’...

At the installation ‘kloc’ serves as ‘reading-carpet’ with copies of Brodsky’s book in hungarian and english and Kukorelly’s book in hungarian at the disposal of the visitors.
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