tür vierzehn -
reading in absence

Ricarda Denzer
2001, Austria, video, 13’, colour

Ricarda Denzer, A-1020 Wien

"how are stories created? - and how can they be fixed in the moment of their creation?" - this question ist the artist ricarda denzer's starting point for her audio-visual production "tuer vierzehn - reading in absence. denzer has people from her surroundings wander through an empty vacant flat commenting on it. this flat is most like the shell of a crab freed from all the meat inside an empty husk a framework a remainder. and while the people still believe they are speaking about others about this alien world and reconstructing or imagining it based on minimal traces doing memory work they are already entangled in the net of their own language and ideas. the emptiness of the place triggers a reading of the absent that gradually mutates into an investment and a production of meaning. the sound track becomes more and more independent establishing contexts and illustrating the complexity of viewing/reading practices. while the video images move contemplatively and deliriously at once through the "undead" space a shifted verbal emergence becomes observable a rallying of fragmented associations takes place: projection intuition fiction overlap one another in the monologues of the viewers who while speaking increasingly become readers and authors of themselves and their own frames of life.

judith fischer

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