Design: Michael Schluder & Sergej Nikoljsky (A), 2003
Producer: Franz Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten (A)

Material: brown or white leather, steel frame.
Dimensions: different lenghts and depths

“Social ergonomics” is the term used by the designers to explain how this system of furniture was developed. They analyzed the positions our bodies take on in everyday situations: Where do I put my feet to rest, where do i find a place for my cup of tea while sitting, how can i can communicate in a relaxed way? They asked themselves how social interaction could be encouraged by certain forms or by certain configurations of seating facilities, in working conditions, at home, in public places.

The different types of their furniture system can be arranged in numerous positions. They can be used as a seat, as a sofa, as a chaiselongue and as a small table.

The name chosen for the sofa refers to a bar in Vienna for which it was first commissioned.
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