Design and Manufacturing: Luisa Wammes (Vienna/A), 2003

Material: wooden frame, steel support, leather cover
Dimensions: 52/42 cm (h/ø)

Luisa Wammes, A-1070 Wien
The basic idea was to design a stool higher than usually, because most of the stools on the market are to low for being used for working. Fashion quite often inspires furniture design, so it does here. The seam of the stool reminds of the dresses for ballet dancers or even of some sado-maso costume. Designer Luisa Wammes frankly admits a certain erotic moment.

The material is always the starting point in the design of a new piece of furniture, she tells. So, the seam fulfills technical and functional requirements as well. But there are so many serious pieces of furniture, ... she adds with a smile on her face.
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