the valley of fairies

in_between : architecture (CH/A/HU)
(Thomas Dimov, Ildikó Séra)

2003, “tapestry”, 240/240 cm (w/h)
with text fragments from “Tündérvölgy”
by Endre Kukorelly, white and grey stripes
11/240 cm (w/h) each

Endre Kukorelly: TündérVölgy.
Pozsony: Kalligram, 2003

excerpts in german:
Endre Kukorelly: Die Rede und die Regel. Erzählungen. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1999
On the occasion of the renovation of Dostojewskis working room in St. Petersburg, several layers of tapestry had to be removed. The question, which tapestry belonged to Dostojewski, was easy to answer: between every two layers of tapestry a layer of newspaper had been inserted, containing the news of that time.

The installation aims to unite the past, the present and the future of a specific space, but also of space in a larger sense: the house and the city – the material manifestation of the lives of its inhabitants. In the gallery, one can trace the present through the text fragments of Kukorelly’s book "TündérVölgy", which records our time from a much wider view than a newspaper, much more precisely and detailed.

> excerpts of TündérVölgy (german)
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