Design: Ubald Klug (CH)
Producer: Röthlisberger Kollektion (CH)

Material: plywood (ash), aluminium, steel
“AA” - 66/187/50 (w/h/d)
“AB” - 90/187/50 (w/h/d)
“BB” - 113/187/50 (w/h/d)

The 'Shell‘ model castor-based cabinet combines in it the virtues of cloak racks in off-the-peg showrooms with the utility value of the overseas traveller’s historical trunk. It was devised by Ubald Klug, a Swiss in Paris bent on inventing things, in this case on probing into the elasticity and resilience of Finnish aircraft plywood made of birch to design his extremely lightweight half shells which, sandwiched together under pressure, will afford an astounding measure of shape retention. With suitable hinges and rubber lip seals, they serve as the two halves of such a trunk to be closed as tightly as mussels to keep out the dust.

'Shell‘ is opened like a book, to reveal a wardrobe or a cabinet with (aluminium) shelves ready for use, depending on interior organisation. Even when "fully packed", 'Shell‘ can be moved about with great ease.

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