in_between : architecture (CH/A/HU)
(Thomas Dimov, Ildikó Séra)

2003, 47/48 cm (w/h), colour-print
The machines for making passport photographs can be found almost everywhere. Here, one of this species of modern urban furniture has settled in an abandoned portal of a parish house at Karmeliterplatz, Vienna. The small space contains just a stool and the fotofix-machine itself. Coincidentally, the dimensions of the classical portal fit exactly to the requirements of the modern equipment.

The inscription on top of the pilasters indicates that the house was built in 1788, one year before the french revolution, birth of the republican state. Photography has been invented in ... The identity and the usability of the contemporary city is constantly being refreshed by such fascinating clashs of iconographic programmes and technology. It is uncessantly being reinvented by the means of physical transformation and reinterpretation.

Note: The space of the kArton gallery originally served as the
main staircase of the building, before being transformed into
an apartment for the housekeeper.
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