Design and Manufacturing: Möbelmanufaktur Heinz Baumann (CH)

Material: ash / maple / spruce / lime / alder
Dimensions: 60/184/60 cm (w/h/d) 116/184/60 cm (w/h/d)

Möbelmanufaktur Heinz Baumann,
CH-9450 Altstätten
This dismantable wardrobe for the nomadic lifestyle can be mounted in a very short time using simply a pair of belts. This new system allows mounting and unmounting of the wardrobe without risk of damage. The pieces my be assembled without any additional elements and without any tools. The same belts are used for the packaging. This system reduces to a minimum the packaging material, the space for storing and for transport. The wardrobe is manufactured on demand.

Stefan Pluess’s bed “Spannbett” (no. 16) uses the same kind
of connection. The two designers know each others work.
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