on view

discursive salon

concept, organisation


kArton gallery and museum, Alkotmány u. 18, 1054 Budapest

october 29, 2003, 7 pm, sound performance by Heribert Friedl (A)

october 30, 2003 - november 29, 2003
monday - friday, 1 pm - 6 pm, saturday, 10 am - 2 pm

november 13, 2003, 6 pm
Sándor Mészáros (literary critic, HU)
Stefan Pluess (designer, CH)
Ricarda Denzer (video artist, A)
Séra Ildikó (in_between, HU/A)
Thomas Dimov (in_between, CH/A)

in_between : architecture
Ildikó Séra, Thomas Dimov

phone: +36 1 472 00 00, e-mail: info@karton.hu (kArton gallery)
phone: +43 1 990 41 04, e-mail: inbetween@gmx.at (in_between)

A catalogue is being published to accompany the exhibition with texts in english, hungarian and german including comprehensive documentation of all the exhibits. It will be available at the end of the exhibition including a summary of the discursive salon and a mini-cd of "step silence”, the original sound installation by Heribert Friedl.

Approx. 24 pages, 50 full-colour images, paperback. Please order Your copy now: inbetween@gmx.at