the actual situation
the entrance of the building is on the upper left, the entrance of the gallery is in the middle.

the stage

The space inhabited by the kArton gallery in Budapest has experienced an interesting, almost grotesque process of subsequent transformation in the past: Originally, the generously built main staircase of the house lead to the appartments above. After World War II the staircase was almost completely demolished and replaced by appartments. The space at the first floor level became the house keeper's studio and later on the kArton gallery. Nowadays the visitor of the gallery expects to enter a large staircase, which turns out to be an exhibition space.

the play

"In one room and a half" is conceived as an invitation to meditate on such transformation processes, on the floating identities of spaces and on their multiple layers of meaning. Focussing on the memory and on the utopic potential of a place ("genius loci") may be seen hence as a basic research for an alternative conception of design processes.